Event calendar contents order

Hello. I am a beginner here. I am creating an event calendar, and was wondering if I could show the list of content in the order so that the latest event comes on the top.

Thank you in advance.

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Hi @Hidetomo_Hirayama! Glad to see you with us :wave:

You can manually change the order of events in the list. You just need to click on the required event and drag it to the right position:

Check it out and let me know if it helped :slightly_smiling_face:

Also, we have a request for the date order in our Wishlist. You can vote for this idea to not miss any important updates - Add events in date order automatically

Thank you, Max for your reply. Actually, I had tried dragging events but the list wouldn’t change… And I just tried again, but it doesn’t work. As for past events, the list comes in order, with the latest on top.

I wonder what is wrong. Thank you.

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Hi @Hidetomo_Hirayama :wave:

Unfortunately, this feature works only for Past Events. The upcoming events are listed in the order they were added to the widget.

As for the dragging option, here is the screencast of how it works on my end:

Could you please double-check it ? If the issue still persists, please share a video screencast of the issue, it would be tremendously helpful!