Event Calendar


Can anyone provide information as to where I may find tutorial videos on specifically how to add events to your calendar listing.

I have had no problem creating the event with all the pertinent information such as event type, time, location, etc.

The calendar has been created and is active on my dashboard. However when you pull up the (manage widget tab) the calendar will pull up on the screen and all the events that have been created will show on the left hand side of the calendar (where the drop down menu/tools are) but nothing will actually appear as listed on the calendar. Only the calendar header is present and the generic message that reads “Sorry, no events right now. But really cool stuff is coming soon”. When I hover over the events on the tool bar my only options are to delete or duplicate said event.

I have sent a request for support. I have also attempted to search for videos on the site as well as online but have had no luck. I would really like to become a subscribing member but first I need some assistance understanding how to operate the calendar.

Any information or resources would be greatly appreciated.


Hi Cody, thank you for your post!

I’m really sorry that you had to face difficulties with our widget. As far as I can see, our Support Agent has already replied to your support ticket and provided a solution. It seems the events were added for an already ended date (April 20), that’s why they didn’t show up in the widget.

I do believe you’re good now, and if there are any questions left, please feel free to ask them in your support ticket or here on the forum. We’ll try our best to resolve them all for you :slight_smile: