Etsy Reviews issue

Dear Elfsight Customers,

Our Etsy Reviews are experiencing a temporary malfunction which may result in the missing text in the reviews.

We apologize for such inconvenience!

Our devs are already working on restoring the widgets to full functionality and will do all their best to fix everything as soon as possible.

In the meantime, we can suggest changing your widget’s layout to Badge and disabling the panel with reviews. This way, at least the rating and number of reviews will be visible on the website:


Once the issue is fixed, you will be able to change the layout back.

We appreciate your patience and understanding :pray:


I’m happy to say that this issue is fixed!

All your widgets should be back to normal :slight_smile:

I am having problems with the Etsy reviews, which are no longer showing the Author’s photo? Please advise.

Hi Helga,

Thank you for your response. However, I am not seeing any of the authors photos on any of our reviews. It is just a generic gray round placeholder. See screenshot.

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@user1665 I’m really sorry about this bug :frowning:

We’re already working on this, and I’ll let you know as soon as everything’s back to normal :pray:t2:

Thanks a lot for your patience!

@user1665 my apologies for the delay in getting back to you here :frowning:

The issue is fixed, and I do believe everything’s fine on your end, too :pray:t2:

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