Embed html code in contact-form email


I tried to use simple html code in “Notify me” message section, for example

<span style="color:red">Name: </span>[name]

and I received the exact HTML code with a populated name field rather than the styled email.

Could you please advise how can I format the email body with html code in this widget.

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Hello @Aidin and welcome aboard the aircraft called Elfsight Community :airplane:. Please fasten your seat belts :seat: because you are going to be stormed by our friendliness and incredible support :heart_hands:.

I am deeply sorry that you’ve faced difficulties using our app! Please accept my sincere apologies!

I’ll be happy to help you! Could you please provide me with your widget id so that I could check everything?

Hello @Max , 561e74c9-bbc7-47c0-9938-4d0a37f4a6c8

Hello @Aidin!

Thank you for getting back to me!

I’ve checked your widget settings and found the reason for the issue. You’ve added HTML code to the text editor.

You need to click on the HTML icon and then add the code to Code editor:


For example, I’ve added the code you’ve provided me with and everything is working fine:

Could you please check it and let me know if it helped?

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Thank you for your help

@Aidin Thank you for your kind reply!

You are always welcome :wink: