Email notification - [website-url]

It appears [website-url] in the mail template for email notifications is not parsing the url to the emails being sent out.

elfsight - mail template
elfsight - email

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Hello @user542,

I’m so very sorry for the long wait and for this issue, but I must thank you for bringing it to our attention!

Our developers are already working in this, I’ll get back to you as soon as everything’s back to normal.

My apologies for any inconvenience caused! :pray:t2:

Hi @user542, thank you for your patience!

We’ve done several tests and now the widget works and display all the info fine.

Could you please check and let me know if everything’s fine on your end too?

Hi Helga,

I’ve tested two of my forms from the same website but it’s still not parsed into the email.

Oh, I’m so sorry about it!

Could you please send me the link to the page with the widgets in question? We’ll be happy to check them on our end :pray:t2:

Do you need me to direct a submitted-form email to you or can you do that from the backend?

Note: I noticed some testing and those appear to be working right from my other websites.

Hi @user542, thanks a lot for the links!

We’ve checked these widgets’ settings and here’s the thing:

We see that you added an Email element to your widgets, which, unfortunately, has the same field ID, i.e. [website-url]. That’s why you get the Email element field value instead of the website URL.

We’re aware about this issue and our developers do have such a task in their roadmap, but we do have a solution now.

To make it work the way you need, please just alter the field ID for fetching the website URL a bit, let’s say, like this: [website-url-]

Please let me know if it worked on your end :pray:t2:

Hi Helga,

I’d tried [website-url-] but it did not seem to work.
Nevertheless, let’s close this issue.
I’ll remove "This message was sent from webpage [website-url-]"from the body of my emails.

@user542 thanks for getting back to me!

I must apologize for the incorrect workaround I’ve provided, I’m very sorry :pensive:

Just in case you’d still love to make it work, please add an extra space to the Website URL Label, so that the field ID for this element got changed: