Elfsight down?

is the entirety of elfsight down for everyone??

I get: 503 Service Temporarily Unavailable

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same here…second time in less than 2 months?

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yeah, it a bit painful, websites are still up but no forms work. i feel better knowing its not just me though.

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Onboarded a few clients onto Elfsight with the anticipation that it would be reliable and ready for their site launch in the coming days. Hope everything is resolved…

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@Helga @ivanenko Can you please look into this?

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Same for me.

{“statusCode”:500,“message”:“Internal server error”}

Hope they fix it soon :slight_smile:

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Hello guys!

We’re terribly sorry for the interruption in our service, our dev team is already on it, so the fix should be applied really soon.

I’ll make sure to post an update here as soon as I have any news.

Thank you so much for your understanding!

  • Issue description:
    none of the widgets is loading and cannot sign in. 500 error
  • Link to the page with the widget in question:

Thanks everyone, mine is back x

Friends, thank you so much for your patience!

Our devs have confirmed that the issue is fixed, so everything should get back to normal now. Is everything fine on your end, too?

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