Deactivated event before publishing - Released!

It should be a way to make some events in the calender. deactivated so they wont appear in the published calender. but also just have the ability to make an event and have it ready in own section “unpublished” events. could be great furture if you wont an event to appear later.

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Hi Dorian,

Thank you for adding this request!

Your idea sounds pretty nice and reasonable, and we’ll try our best to think about it in one of our future updates.

Thanks a lot for helping us!

Helga, Community Manager

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Hi Elfies…

I don’t know if this is a feature or possible future feature if it’s not. But is there a way to hide events from view that are not ready to posted yet, but have all the details. I would like to get all the details in so I don’t have to add it later. But if I add it, it will show on the calendar as soon as I save the info.

Any info is appreciated.

Hi Monika!

My apologies for the long wait :frowning:

I see that my colleague Irina has replied to you in your support ticket, and I do believe you’re good now.

I also hope you voted for this feature idea to receive updates: Deactivated event before publishing :slight_smile:

Thanks Helga, I appreciate your assistance. Yes, Irina already responded. I also voted for the feature to add deactivated events. It would be pretty helpful when you have a whole list of them and can’t add them because they are not ready to be posted yet.

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Hi folks,

I guess I’m coming with some great news: we’ve just implemented an option to hide events instead of deleting them! :tada:

You will find this option on your widget Content tab → choose the event → Actions → Hide:

Screenshot 11-28-2022 12.31.11

Feel free to share your feedback if you’ve already tried this feature out! :slight_smile: