Content Locker Widget

I see there is an SEO friendly landing page for this here - Content Locker widget For Website

Would love for this to be made as we are now using webflow for our website and have no way to make this happen without the help of elfsight.

Previously I used a wordpress plugins to acheieve this. Here is the info on that in case it helps you and your team with planning and programing, etc.

They make two lockers - Social locker allows content to be unlocked by sharing about it, etc. The one we use on our site is their Opt-in Panda plugin that requires email sign up via manual entry, Facebook connection, linked in connection, gmail login or similar.

There is even a non-wordpress version of the social locker available here -

Hope that helps and all the best.

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Folks, our former Wishlist portal, where our users shared their requests and suggestions, was transferred to this forum. You’re most welcome to vote, add new ideas, and leave your comments here — we surely will consider them all! :star_struck:

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Thank you so much for adding your request and for all details provided!

We will try our best to consider all the options you mentioned to make the most suitable for your needs widget.

And please, if any other ideas come up, feel free to share them in the comments here.

Thanks a lot! :blush:

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Original comment transferred from the previous Wishlist portal:

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I would like to offer subscription-only access by clicking on a password-protected link. Hopefully, this will integrate with the subscription App that I am already using.


@Shane_G thank you very much for sharing your idea!

I see that you’d love to make particular items or content locked, and we have a similar request in our Wishlist, please have a look: Content Locker Widget

Does it look like something you’re after? If so, I’ll merge your request with this one so that all the ideas are in one place :slight_smile:

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This request that you mention looks interesting and takes my own request a little further along. I looked at your age checking App and wondered how difficult it might be to adapt that to what I would like.

Cheers and thanks,

Shane Dale

Cel: 55 11 996385445

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@Shane_G I’m afraid it’s unlikely that we’ll upgrade our Age Verification app to support the use case like yours as it’s quite a complex feature requiring time and efforts.

But since our coming soon app seems like a possible solution for you, I’ve moved your posts to this thread so that you follow the updates as well :slight_smile:

If this app request is going to be popular and desired, we’ll try our best to work on its development in the first ranks.

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Your site has an Age Verification App, but why not a Widget for “Password Protected” pages. You can use it for posts or blogs that need a password to open up. You can change your password or have it where certain people, who are subscribed to your site, can access these pages. I know that Wordpress sometimes have “password protected” posts for blogs. Would be nice if you had something like that where you can insert a code into a blog post.

Thank you for your time. Have a great day. :slight_smile:

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@K111 I totally understand your point, I also love the idea of such a widget!

I’ve moved your request to the thread with the Content Locket widget request, I guess it could also be a solution for you, right?

Any ideas, suggestions or other comments are very welcome, so don’t hesitate to share here :slight_smile:

Oh, and welcome to the Elfsight community! We’re happy to have you with us, and I do believe you’ll find this space a nice place to stay :slight_smile:

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Thank you, thank you! :smiling_face:

If I come up with any other suggestions or questions, I’ll let you know. I appreciate your help.

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Hi, i am looking for a widget for Google Sites to password-protect the website. Google Sites may be used as a programme for presentations to our customers, which may contain confidential information, thus be protected with a password. Happy to pay for such a solution.


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Hi @Jan2, thanks a lot for your idea!

You know, we have a similar request for a Content Locker app, you can have a look at it here: Content Locker Widget.

Could the above-mentioned request cover your use case? If so, I’ll be happy to move your request to that thread so that you’re up to date on the progress :slight_smile:

Hi Helga, would that Locker work with Google Site also? and when would that be available?
Thanks so much for help!

To be honest, it’s hard to say for sure since there is an issue with floating and pop-up elements on Google Site - it just doesn’t support them at the time being. But the details will be clear only when we start building :slight_smile:

I’m afraid I don’t have an ETA for this app to be released, but our devs have big plans regarding new apps development this year, so chances are that the Content Locker might be taken for consideration as well. I’ll make sure to keep you updated on the progress there :slight_smile:

I am requesting something that blocks content and allows users to enter a password to proceed. This would be similar to the age verification page that you already have. But more useful.

The app should allow customization of password, messages, background, color, etc.

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Hi @Troy_H :wave:

Glad to tell you that we have Content Locker widget in our Coming Soon project. I’ve moved your request to the dedicated thread where we’ll post all the updates :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks a bunch for sharing your feedback and welcome to Community!

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May also want to correct the spelling issue in the graphic on the SEO optimized page here - Content Locker widget For Website

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Hey there and welcome to Elfsight family @5DayDeal_Team :wave:

Oh, thank you so much for catching the spelling issue, that’s highly appreciated!

I’ll share it with our team :slightly_smiling_face:

I can’t wait for this feature to be implemented!
Wix has no way of password protecting specific product pages.
I really hope this widget will help cater to password protected exclusive product releases.

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