Check-in or Arrival Alert for Clients

A check-in or arrival button that will alert users utilizing this feature when a client arrives before or after hours when business doors are locked to the user number, as an push notification or text message to let them in. - if this can be possible.

Thanks for your time

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Hi @William_Thomas_Rando and welcome to the Community :wave:

A huge thank you for sharing the details of your use case with us!

Would you mind telling us the specific features you’d like to see in the app? Also, are there any similar apps you know of that we could use as a reference?

This info would help us better understand your idea :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you for the Welcome. Well nothing really major with the feature but just to be almost like a check in Kiosk, asking the name and maybe a time of the appointment - when the button is press the user gets an to just an notification like " John James for 10am has Arrived".

Let me know if u need more…


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Ok I did some googling but really didnt see to much of what I am requesting or it was an whole program with added extras, but I did find a check in mockup that pretty much what Im trying to convey but just with your full name, your appointment time and the checkin button.

Thanks again

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A huge thank you for providing the details!

I got your point! If this idea gets more votes, we’ll try to consider it in one of our future updates.

We’ll keep you posted here :slightly_smiling_face: