Cannot change the volume and does not play automatically

  • Issue description:
    First off all, it does not play automatically and secondly, I cannot change the volume, it is either on or off, that’s it.
  • Link to the page with the widget in question:
    Navigation Menu (It is part of my site that I am making ;])
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Hey there @dyslixic_4859

It warms our hearts that you’ve chosen to join our crew, welcome :wave:

I have checked the widget on your website and it turns out that the music in your widget doesn’t play automatically due to browser restrictions.

Autoplay is a beta feature and sometimes it can work incorrectly in different browsers because of their autoplay policy. Over the last several years all the browsers have made major changes to their Autoplay policy, and at this moment sometimes browsers don’t allow audio and video autoplay until a user interacts with the browser, domain, or widget. Here you can find, for example, Google Chrome autoplay policy - Autoplay policy in Chrome - Chrome for Developers.

In other words, a user should interact with your website and widget to make it play. I’d suggest that you keep play and volume buttons in the widget’s settings so that your website visitors can make the widget play manually if autoplay wasn’t activated.

As for the volume control issue, I’ve forwarded your request to our devs. I’ll get back to you once any news come up :slightly_smiling_face:

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Alright ;]

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Is there a way to move the advert a tiny bit so it does not block the controls of the player?

@dyslixic_4859 Thank you for waiting!

We’ve fixed the issue with the volume control.

As for the Elfsight free logo, I’ve passed your request to our devs. I’ll keep you in the loop here :slightly_smiling_face:

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Alright ;]

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We’ve moved the logo to the left.

Check it out and let me know if you like what you see :wink:

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Oh, way better, Thanks!

No sweat :wink:

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Okay, the volume control is not being able to change again, same with the advert blocking the volume making it hard to use as well…

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Oh, I see the issue and I am so sorry!

I’ve informed our devs about it and will keep you updated.

We’ve fixed the free logo position!

Check your website and let me know if it’s fine :wink:

Yeah, fixed again!

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Now I have a problem with the system, the 200 Views thing makes it hard for me as I am just a teen making a personal site for himself and his friends and I am broke to get a subscription…

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Hi @dyslixic_4859 :wave:

I’ve contacted you directly!