Audio player and Safari 17.1

It seems the Audio Player widget doesn’t autoplay on the new Safari (17.1) desktop version. Not only that, but it won’t play any audios and many times crashes. Turns out, if you cut and paste the widget code from a mobile version of your site, you can get a fully functioning widget, minus the autoplay feature.

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Happy to see new faces around here, welcome @Paul_Bunting :wave:

I have to say that the music doesn’t play automatically due to browser restrictions.

Autoplay is a beta feature and sometimes it can work incorrectly in different browsers because of their autoplay policy. Over the last several years all the browsers have made major changes to their Autoplay policy, and at this moment sometimes browsers don’t allow audio and video autoplay until a user interacts with the browser, domain, or widget. Here you can find, for example, Google Chrome autoplay policy - Autoplay policy in Chrome - Chrome for Developers.

In other words, a user should interact with your website and widget to make it play.

As for the multiple crashes, I see that you’ve had a support ticket with my colleague Renata and the issue is resolved now.

If any further questions come up or any assistance is needed, just let us know and we’ll be happy to help :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m not using auto play, it just doens’t play at all even manually in Safari 16.5 Mac Os. So frustrating.

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Greetings @user5442 :wave:

I am really sorry that you’ve faced such an issue!

I see that my colleague Irene has already passed your request on to our devs. She’ll keep you abreast of any changes :slightly_smiling_face: