Volume control in the setting

Volume should be controled in the settings as well by the individual as an option It is very important when adding background music to a site.

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Quick update: this feature is in the works now :slight_smile:

Highly likely we will have it released in Q1 already!

It would be nice if I could publish the background music widget in a low level sound, then increase the sound level on the website, if necessary. I would like to use an AI assistant with voice as well and it would have a conflict with the background music if it starts loud.
Thank you.

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Hi @Simina_Ioana_Dimcea :wave:

This idea is great indeed and I am glad to tell you that our devs are working on this functionality. I’ve moved your request to the dedicated topic, so that you could follow the latest updates here :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks a bunch for sharing your thoughts and welcome to Elfsight Community :heart:

Hi Max,

Thanks a lot. It would be helpful to have the AI assistant talking and some music in the background for my website. :heart:

Have a great day!

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Do I understand that you’d like AI assistant to be included into Background Music widget? Or you mean a third-party separate app?

The AI assistant is a third-party app.
I only want to publish the widget with the music volume at the lowest limit so that the AI’s voice can be easily heard and understood.
I am showing you this example: Time to Refokus

Thank you.

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