Appointment Booking

Hope there will be an option to book days or weeks rather than hours for property rentals and such.

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Looks great. To what extend will this design be customizable?

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Hello @Helga!
Great design, simple yet efficient and to the point, now, how will be the integration from the back end / owner side? will the business/site owner be able to add to a particular calendar? Outlook / Google Calendar / Office 365? all of them? only one for now?

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Guys, thanks a lot for your comments and questions, we’re thrilled you like the result! :fire:

I’m out of the office already, but I’ll make sure to answer all your questions tomorrow, so ask away! :smiling_face:

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I like it a lot so far! It will be even more interesting to see then the backend possibilities on how I/we can adapt this to the different type of clients/branches.


Yes Thank you, if this could compete with calendly I would appreciate it. My three must have features are 1. accepting payments with paypal when booking. 2. Programmable automatic email and/text reminders for both parties before event. 3. Automatic meetings made in zoom pro which the link is provided in the reminders. - save me some money which can come back to elfsight! yay


Awesome :clap: :clap::clap::clap:

I hope there is a way we can confirm or approve these appointments especially if it’s without any form of payment. Otherwise, people will book an appoint and never show up.

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Thanks again for your comments, friends!

Unfortunately, this option will not be included in the first release. However, we’ll open a feature request for it and consider its implementation based on its popularity :slight_smile:

Although we always try to provide decent options for you to adjust your widget appearance, we’re also open to discussion. What specific customization features would be crucial for you?

You’ll have an option to connect to Google Calendar for starters :slight_smile:

We agree that the payment option is crucial, but it won’t be included in the initial release. We will, however, create a feature request for it, and it’s likely to be the first improvement we add later on.

As for the reminders, this is how things are going to work as soon as the widget is live: your client will get an email notification as soon as they book your service, so we will include an email confirmation about the appointment. If it’s not enough, we’ll consider further improvements later :slight_smile:

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However, we see a couple of questions where some more details would be highly appreciated:

@Antonio_Buchholz What specific customization features would be crucial for you, please? Chances are we could consider your ideas :slight_smile:

@Markus We’re also curious what your expectations from the widget backend are :slight_smile: I can tell that the first release will contain the integration with Google calendar, letting you control the appointments from there.

@Lesan any details on how the confirmation is supposed to work will be also very helpful :slight_smile:
Do you mean your clients need to get email notifications as a confirmation of their appointments?

Hi Helga,

My expectations from the widget backend are:

  • Payment possibilities (most important), f.e. through Paypal and/or Stripe
  • Booking time in 15 mins steps possible or free to choose (f.e. 10:00 / 10:15 / 10:30 / 10:45, etc.) – being able to give a break time in between the bookings and system will automatically take the next available time after the blocked/break time
  • Settings of all fields in US / Europe versions and different languages (f.e. date structure, time without AM/PM, buttons to be able to rename, etc.)
  • Possibility to add a video call (f.e. Call number, Zoom, Teams) in case it is a booking widget for Consultancy
  • Possibility to add certain destinations when you click on “Confirm Booking” f.e. Success Message as per your screenshot, but also the possibility to direct the Confirm Booking to another website, f.e. to a payment page (f.e. to a webstore or payment form). This would be great in case you do not offer payment possibilities within the widget
  • Conditional Logic integrated

I know, a lot of expectations, but all very important for my customers :blush:

Brgds, Markus


Hi Markus, many thanks for your comment!

I’ve shared everything with the dev team :+1:t2: All the features you mentioned we definitely have in mind, but they will be released a bit later, not in the initial release. We decided to roll out a widget with the basic features first, and upgrade it down the road :blush:

However, could you please elaborate on the scenario with the need of the Conditional Logic? Interesting!

P.S. Localization will be supported right away, so you’ll be able to display your widget in the language you need :slight_smile:

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The example looks fantastic, can I suggest an addon, forgive me if already suggested.
We would like to see the ability to add multiple attendees/reservations, as a group to each reservation and multiple slots per booking product.
We have a hiking tour company that needs the ability to book multiple hikers to one sepcifiic hike with a limit of up top 10 hikers.
Hope this makes sense? Mike


@Mike10 Mike, many thanks for your comment!

I’m afraid multiple reservations will not be included in the first release, but I guess we have plans to think about this option in the future :slight_smile:

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Hi Helga,

I understand, but important that you guys know our expectations for the next releases :blush:

Ok, here are two scenarios with actual customers from me concerning Conditional Logic:

Scenario 1

Car dealer: Booking / Reservation of services and/or parts

F.e. Every car brand has special services or parts. When choosing car brand A, then only certain services or parts should be show to be chosen from, because they are only available for this or for some brands but not for all.

Scenario 2

Travel agency: Booking / Reservation of a travel or space

F.e. As customer, you can choose a certain tour through certain countries. If you select a country, special services or restrictions will be shown based on your selection.

It’s basically what I am using already today in Contact Form and Form Builder Plugin but in the new Appointment form I would be able to have final booking/reservation confirmations from customers and not only “offers” which are not legal binding. That’s why I am asking for Conditional Logic within the Appointment Plugin.

Hope that helps, otherwise please come back.

Have a good day!


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When will this app be available??

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@Markus this is very helpful, thanks a lot for the details! Knowing your use cases and understanding your idea is key when it comes to improving our widgets, so your help is always very much appreciated :blush:

@Brian_Badger, thanks for your interest! While we really are working on this widget right now, we prefer not to set a specific ETA at the moment. What I can assure you, however, is that we are doing everything we can to release it as soon as possible :slight_smile: