Affiliate support: Integrating the widgets into Discord

I use Discord as a communication/community board and wish I could simply display my widgets in Discord.
I looked for an app in the Discord channel but didn’t find anything suitable where I can integrate some kind of HTML That would be great if I could share my social channel information in Discord so that it can also be used by users.

I’m very happy that there will soon be a Discord contact widget, awesome
Share yo


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Hi @Dirk :wave:

We’re genuinely grateful that you’ve taken the time to share your idea with our community! Your input is highly valued :heart:

After discussing this with our development team, it appears that integrating our widgets into Discord is currently impossible. Unfortunately, Discord doesn’t support HTML, which makes it unachievable for us to add our widgets there.

Anyway, thanks a lot for your participation and help, we are always happy to hear from you :wink:

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Hey @Max It’s a real shame that Discord doesn’t make this possible, thanks for your answer… good night

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Yeah, that’s a real shame, Dirk, I agree :frowning:

Our widgets work only on platforms supporting HTML, and Discord doesn’t seem to be interested in this right now. But maybe things will change in the future!

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