Add the ability to see your responses without having to download them

Recently elfsight has been having issues with delaying the email of submissions.

They do let you download the responses, but it loses tons of info from the forms due to the type of file it downloads.

If they have the forms on record, why cant we just have it in a list you can just look at any time without downloading them? Other sights that have forms (although not nearly as good as elfsight) give you a list of all the forms submitted.

This would be an amazing feature if at all possible, it would make it much easier to deal with the fact we arent getting them emailed to us, should it happen again.

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Hi @Peas_In_A_Pod_Mobile :wave:

I couldn’t agree more that it would be just a perfect addition!

We’ll try to consider your suggestion in our future updates. I’ll keep you in the loop in this thread :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks a bunch for sharing your idea with us!