Add Holidaycheck as a source

Adding a German portal as a source

Folks, our former Wishlist portal, where our users shared their requests and suggestions, was transferred to this forum. You’re most welcome to vote, add new ideas, and leave your comments here — we surely will consider them all! :star_struck:

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Thank you for sharing your idea!

We’ll try to consider this source in one of the future updates :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for your help!

Helga, Community Manager

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With more than 10 million hotel ratings and over 12 million holiday photos, HolidayCheck is the largest German-language rating portal for hotels and holidays on the internet. The integration of “Holidaycheck” in “All-in-One Reviews” would be a great added value.

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Hi @user3544 :wave:

We are ecstatic that you’ve chosen to become one of us. Welcome :tada:

We already have this source as a requested feature in our Wishlist, so I’ve moved your request here.

That idea is really great and it will be on our radar. We’ll keep you in the loop regarding any changes :slightly_smiling_face:

Hello everyone, a happy new year to you all!

As already mentioned, we would be very happy if “Holidaycheck” would be integrated as a source in the “All-in-One Reviews” widget. We are convinced that this would also be valuable for other users.
Are there any news about your information “we’ll try do consider this source in one of the future updates” in the meantime? Is there a way to speed up this process? Or is there a possibility to realize the integration against payment?

I look forward to hearing your feedback.

Best regards - Michael

Hi @user3544 :wave:

You see, since we get a lot of requests and the process of adding new reviews sources is not easy, we have to be picky and choose the most popular requests first.

If the Holidaycheck source gets more votes, we’ll try to speed up this process.

As a workaround, you can use a Custom source option and add the reviews manually:

Many thanks for your interest and help - this is huge!