Request to add a new source

Hi there,
Would it be possible to look at adding a new source to your all-in-one review widget? We work with TourRadar, the largest online tour agent in the world and have hundreds of reviews we would love to get into your widget. Is there any possibility in the near future adding them as a source so we can get access to those reviews?
Many thanks

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Hello Danniell and welcome to the forum!

I do understand your reasons and I wish I could provide an ETA for this implementation, but everything depends on our development team overall load and the complexity of this particular type of source integration.

We have such a request in our wishlist, please feel free to vote for it here to subscribe for the updates: TourRadar Reviews | Feature Wishlist

Since we have a lot of requests in our wishlist, we have to pick the most popular ideas first. If TourRadar reviews become a really popular request, I guess our devs will be happy to consider their adding :slight_smile: