Make the sources namable

Hello everybody,

For some all in one review, we add several airbnb or booking sources in the same widget and it becomes difficult to identify the recorded sources

Example :

On my individual property page (short term rental) , i got a widget with 1 source from booking, 1 from airbnb, 1 from TripAdvisor


on my main web page, i do a widget with all sources, so i got several sources from airbnb…


It could be great to name all sources with a short txt field

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Добавил гугл-локации нескольких филиалов компании. В итоге у меня список из абсолютно одинаковых карточек(((( возможно их как-то переименовать каждую? если нет - прошу передать разработчикам такую необходимость.

I added several Google-Map locations for reviews. And got a list of indistinguishable markers It would be great to let a user to optional change labels to identify similar-source reviews’ sources.

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Yes it is crucial update to avoid duplicated link review and better manager the widget !

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