Add a way to edit the locations instead of Google, Google #1 and Google #2

For clients with multiple locations, it would be helpful for us to edit the Google places when prompted to leave a review so the customer knows which location they are reviewing.

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Hello guys!

I totally understand you and agree that this improvement has to be made.

I’ve reminded our dev team about this request, and hopefully, they will add it to their roadmap for Q4.

Thanks a lot for sticking with us and for your support!

Helga, Community Manager

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Well I have a client who has 8 locations + thier facebook. When people click on “Write A Review” Button, it pops up as Google, Google #1, Google #2 etc. There is no identifying information for each location, they are essentially guessing. Attached is a screenshot of what I mean. If we could name these it would help so much.

We recently discovered that if we are adding reviews from 3 different google places locations that the are all labeled as Google, Google #2, etc. This is a poor user experience as our users dont know what location they are submitting their reviews to. Customised labels would help provide a better user experience.

When a business has multiple Google Places as sources, the “write a review” button displays Google, Google 2, Google 3, when it is clicked. Giving this names, or passing the name through for the specific page is requested.

A use case would be a car dealership, where the service and parts departments also have google places pages and reviews. When the three Google Places are each added to the All in one reviews, we would like to be able to name them “Sales” “Service” “Parts” so when a customer clicks on “Write a Review” their options are clear, (Not Google, Google 2, Google 3)

When you click on the “Write A Review” button, we should be given the option to rename the locations instead of it being listed as “Google”, “Google #1”, “Google #2”, etc.

Guys, huge news: an option to rename the source is here! :fire:

Feel free to check out the details in our update and share your feedback: All-in-One-Reviews: Rename the sources option 💥

Thank you so much!

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I hope you love this feature, @Tristan! Thanks for your comment! :slight_smile: