YouTube Gallery: How to display only shorts in your widget?

If you’re eager to showcase Shorts in your YouTube Gallery widget separately from your regular videos, you’re in the right place!

This article provides straightforward solutions tailored just for you :pinched_fingers:

Workaround :one:

Create a dedicated playlist for the required Shorts and include a link to this playlist in the Source Group section.

To get the link for your YouTube playlist, right-click on the playlist name, and select “Copy link address.”

Workaround :two:

To display only Shorts in your widget, please follow these steps:

Find your YouTube Channel ID by clicking on the Share button

If you want to display only Shorts, replace UC in the channel ID with UUSH. To display only videos, replace UC with UULF


UUSH9LQwHZoucFT94I2h6JOcjw- only Shorts

UULF9LQwHZoucFT94I2h6JOcjw - only videos

Create a link for the playlist: ID. Replace Channel ID with your own channel ID resulted in the previous step


Add this link to the Source Group section. YouTube Channel URL field should be empty


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