You may wonder why you need the platform.js

And if you do, I’m here to make it clear for you.

It’s simple. But don’t just take my word for it, let’s figure it out together.

Let’s say your website is a small planet.

Okay, it may sound ridiculous but let it just be. For a moment at least.

Everything goes smoothly, your planet thrives. After giving it a great deal of thoughts, you make a decision to involve a group of consultants from a foreign galaxy to build a new remote-galaxies-fashioned city.

They came.

But they forgot to take their radio.

What a shame! They can’t even call their station to request some supplies.

This illustrates what would happen if there was no platform.js put alongside a widget.

The purpose of the script is to get back to us from your website page and tell us what widgets are there, so that we can supply you with proper settings and data for the widgets.

I’m happy to tell you more about engineering at Elfsight, just let me know what you’d love to talk about next time.

Always yours.


Thanks for sharing that info Ivanenko! Had some time on my hands here decided to open up photoshop :sunglasses:

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@Lesan I love it!! Looks like an outright comic book cover! :star_struck:

@ivanenko how cool is that?!

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@Lesan, @Helga Jeez, awesome! We ought to start a contest :grin:

A content ! that would be cool.

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What would the title be ?

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We’ve got to give a deep thought to it :thinking:

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