World Map Counter

It would be nice to have World Map Counter which will develop the views on a website from all possible outlets, like the radio widget, website views, and social media platforms. I would purchase one for my website and promote to those I build website for from time to time. Those that I already have built site for would love to review the content of those that are checking out their platforms. I have been asked about this before, but never from anyone yet to have created it. Now that I I have been on Elfsight Community I found out I could ask about creating the widget. If it’s possible those of you that read up on this should vote to have it built, just asking, but it would be a nice option to add with real-time count.

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Hi @Charles6 :wave:

We are so grateful for such an in-depth description of your use-case!

I got your idea, but I am afraid it’s hardly possible to release such a use case. But who knows, perhaps we’ll come up with something similar. Anyway, we’ll keep you updated.

Thank you for sharing your ideas and welcome to Community :heart: