Why my Appsumo Plan Account became a basic plan?

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    What happen to my account plan?
    Seem like there was a change on my account plan here.

  • Link to the page with the widget in question:
    Also how to reach a support here, i can’t install the code on webwave.me

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Hi there @user12007 :wave:

First off, I apologize for the lack of any notification from our side, I totally understand your confusion :pensive:

Recently, we’ve migrated to a new version of the dashboard, which has required us to also migrate our AppSumo clients. So, the old dashboard can no longer be supported.

The migration comes with both up-sides and down-sides. On the positive side, the codes you purchased have been integrated into the new plan. You now also have access to 20+ new applications that were previously unavailable. Additionally, the new dashboard is much more advanced and offers improved functionality.

On the downside, it was necessary for us to specify the limits for AppSumo plans and standardize them in order to grant you access to these new features. By default, you can now create up to 3 widgets per each app at the same time, so you can have 3 Google Reviews, 3 Instagram Feeds, 3 Contact Forms etc…

If you reach your widget limit for any particular app, please contact our Support Team at https://help.elfsight.com/?contact=1. They’ll be happy to find the optimal solution for your case :slightly_smiling_face:

As for the widget’s installation, you can request it right from your dashboard and our support agents will be happy to assist:

Please let me know if this clarifies the situation or if any further questions come up.