I change my plan to pro

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    I only have 3 widgets and I am trying to add 4th and it keeps taking me to select a plan when iItry to add to my website please help

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Hello @user2107! We are so happy to see you in our Community! Welcome :heart: :tada:

I am so sorry for all the frustration caused :pensive:

I’ve checked your account and see that at the moment you have 2 active subscriptions: Event Calendar Basic monthly and Social Share Buttons Pro monthly. I see that at the moment you have only 1 Social Share Buttons widget.

Could you please double-check everything and let me know if the issue still persists?

I click on widgets but no change

@user2107 I am deeply sorry about this inconvenience :pensive:

Could you please provide me with a screencast of the issue?

We’ll be happy to check everything for you!

As you can see I have 1 basic 1 pro and 3 free should all be pro

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Hello @user2107!

Please let me explain to you everything in detail.

You have two Single App subscriptions (Social Share Buttons Pro monthly, Event Calendar Basic monthly) that work for one app only. It means that you can create up to 9 Social Share Buttons widgets, 3 Event Calendar widgets, and 1 widget per each app on Lite plan.

If you want to have all widgets on Pro plan, you need to upgrade your subscription to All Apps Pro Pack.

Please let me know if this explains things or if you have any other questions.