What widgets can I use

I;ve got three gallerys in my basic plan and only need one. Can I use 2 other widgets instead of the 2 redundant gallerys? i,e, 1xgallery, 1xpdf view/download and 1xevents in my basic plan.


Greetings @user3345 and welcome to Elfsight !

Unfortunately, there is no option to use different apps within a single app subscription.

I’ve checked your account and found that you’ve already created PDF Embed and Event Calendar widgets within a Lite plan. Also, I see that you haven’t spent any views for these widgets yet, so you can continue using Lite plan.

However, if the views limit within Lite plan isn’t enough, you can upgrade your subscription to All Apps Basic Pack plan, meaning that you’ll get access to all Elfsight apps for the price of 3.

If any further questions come up, please feel free to ask them. I’ll be happy to advise!

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Hi Max,
Thank you for taking the time for this. I am being particularly slow in understanding this sorry, but does that mean I can publish an instance of pdf view and events in addition to my gallery, within existing and without upgrading my plan and only when views reach the cap do I need to upgrade?
Regards, Dave

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@user3345 Yes, you are absolutely right.

Within our Lite plan you can create 1 widget/per app. For example, 1 Event Calendar widget, 1 PDF Embed, 1 Instagram Feed, etc.

Thus, if you need only 1 widget and views limit is enough, you can use your widget within Lite plan subscription.

However, if you’d like to create more widgets and have more views, you can upgrade your plan.

Please let me know if this explains things or if you have any other questions :slightly_smiling_face:

Max, Yes Thankyou all is clear,
Best regards, Dave

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You are always welcome :wink: