I can't upgrade from Basic to Pro Plan!

I’m trying to upgrade to the Pro Plan because I’ve exhausted my number of widgets per app especially for the Pricing Tables app. Can you please either help me upgrade that one specifically or if I need to upgrade the whole thing. Either way I can’t upgrade.


Greetings @Reinvented_Enterpris and welcome to Community :heart:

I see that my colleague Renata has already contacted you in a support ticket. As Renata mentioned, your last billing date should have been June 23 and, unfortunately, after a failed payment your subscription has become past-due. No actions can be applied to past-due subscriptions, and that is why you can’t upgrade your plan at the moment,

However, here are two options that we can suggest.

You can pay for your Basic Pack subscription in full, then upgrade your subscription to a Pro Pack plan.

In case you need to change your billing details, use the link that Renata has sent to you.

If any further questions come up, feel free to contact Renata. She’ll be happy to help!

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