WhatsApp pop-up doesn't show


We use the WhatsApp pop-up for multiple websites/clients and somehow non of them are showing. There is nothing that we changed in any of the websites. On friday everything worked and now nothing. What can we do?

Hope someone can help.

Hello got the same problem with all in one chat widget

Hi, when i try to custom my widget in elfsight i cant see it and same when i put it on my website nothing appear…

Think all review widgets are failing today

I created a Whatsapp Chat widget. When i try to edit the time settings i get a blank screen and am not able to change any settings. Even when creating an new Whatsapp Chat and go to the time settings i get blank screen. Could you look into this?

Dear folks,

I’m so sorry for the late reply and for this terrible issue!

Unfortunately, our Whatsapp chat did experience temporary technical issues, however, everything is fixed, so the all the Chat widgets should work correctly now.

@MrWork, @alexis2, @user498 could you please check your widgets and let me know if everything’s fine now?

Once again, I’m so very sorry for the trouble caused :pray:t2:

I still have the same issue

I’m so sorry to hear that, @user498.

I’ve forwarded this issue to our developers so that they double-check your widgets and provide a solution. I’ll get back to you as soon as I have news from them.

This is happening to me now on my Telegram Chat app.

Could it be the same problem?

Whatsapp pop-up doesn’t show on my site and neither on elfsight’s own site when I click ‘edit’ under my widget…

Hello @user502, @Claudia, our sincere apologies for the trouble our widgets have caused to you :frowning:

Our developers are working on this issue as we speak, and the fix is about to be released. I’ll keep you posted in this thread on how things are going.

Again, we’re terribly sorry for this incident, and we’re doing everything possible to bring everything back shortly :pray:t2:

@alexis2, @user498, @user502, @Claudia dear folks, I’m happy to say that the fix has been applied to the Chat widgets, so everything should work correctly now.

Could you please check your widgets and let me know if everything’s fine on your end now?

Its ok now, thanks

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Yes, thank you, its working now.

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Hi Helga, it’s working fine now after re-pasting the html code to the sites. Thanks

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@Claudia, I’m sorry that you had to re-install the widget to see the fix! Usually, it’s enough to clear the cache and cookies in order to have everything back.

I’m happy that the widgets work correctly for you guys now, thanks a lot for the update @user502, @user498, @Claudia!