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Hi there, is it possible to have a small chat button or bubble on every page of the website that when pressed doesn’t redirect or do anything apart from allow the user to type in feedback, whether it’s a link not working, a suggestion on bettering a colour scheme, a spelling error, a product under the wrong heading or any small issues that would go unnoticed for ages or forever. this allows the consumer to be the bug tester without hindering their experience in the slightest. It doesn’t take them to email or WhatsApp or SMS it literally just allows them to type a sentence or 2 that you then get in a list at the end of the week and you can amend accordingly. If it’s retail with products you can offer them a small discount with thanks. If this exists please let me know as I would really like this feature

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Hey there @Tiamo_Ross and welcome to the Community :wave:

Unfortunately, we don’t have such an app in our catalog now, but your idea is truly great. I am not sure if we are able to release such a complex use case, but we’ll try to consider your suggestion in our future updates.

Thanks for sharing your feedback with us :wink:

I think if your platform allows to add a Form Block/Form Widget, you can add this, then use CSS code to move it to bottom right of screen. When users enter form >> submission will send to your email.
If you use Squarespace, you can use Form Block > Enable Lightbox Button (then it will show a button only, click button > Show form block). You can add Form to Site Footer, we can give code to make it float on bottom right of screen
If WordPress, I believe there are a lot of plugin to do this
@Max I guess we can do similar with Form Widget?

Great suggestion @tuanphan! Thank you so much :wink:

@Tiamo_Ross As tuanphan suggested, you can use one of our Forms widgets as a workaround.

You can use floating pane layout and enable reopen button:

This way the feedback form will appear after clicking on the button and you’ll receive all the submissions to your email address (add it in the Notify me section on the E-mail tab):

GIF 12-11-2023 2-55-37 PM

If you’d like the form to appear from the custom button, you can follow the steps described in this article: Form widgets: How to open forms from a custom button

If you have any questions or any assistance is needed, just let us know. We’ll be happy to help :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks for the help! :slight_smile: Managed to follow the steps and very happy with how it turned out, might look into having it go to a google sheet doc instead of an email but very happy nonetheless.

Thanks again

Happy to hear that!

You are always welcome :slightly_smiling_face:

By the way, I’d like to tell you that the Google Sheet integration is available in our app. Here is an article that describes all the steps in detail.