Virtual assistant integration in all-in-one chat widget?


Can/will Elfsight develop a virtual assistant widget that can be integrated with the current all-in-one chat widget?

So that a visitor who clicks on the support bubble widget and sees the welcome message with the option to connect via one of the channels (as the widget provides now), also has the option to click on a question (predefined FAQ’s from the widget owner) and that the chat opens the answer.


  • website visitor opens chat widget
  • chat widget shows welcome message and the option to continue via Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp
  • the welcome message shows as well the most common topics to help with, “What can we assist you with today?”
  • visitor clicks on “I’ve lost my password” (predefined FAQ by widget owner)
  • widget opens a text with “You’ve lost your password, please click here to request a new password”

This may prevent in most cases that the visitor continues to the chat option to ask one of the predefined FAQ’s.


I really like your idea, @Julius thanks a lot for sharing!

I see that it would be very helpful and convenient to display ready-made questions and answers right in the chat, we’ll try to take your suggestion under consideration. I’ll be posting here in case of any news :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for your help and for such a detailed use case! And welcome to the community, we’re happy to have you join :hugs: