All-in-One Chat Widget on Wix website mobile

I created a widget for the all-in-one chat app so that leads can use this option instead of calling or form fill, however, when I add the widget to the site and pin to page it creates problems on my mobile site that can’t be corrected without unpinning the widget. The widget expands my Header and moves my logo and CTA button to the bottom of the Header and I can’t move the widget off of the Header. Also, I can’t resize the widget enough on mobile to make the scroll bar disappear. Are there any easy fixes to these problems? Pics below to help visualize.

I haven’t published the changes yet because it looks so bad.

Thanks for the help!

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Hi @haanhomeloans, so happy to welcome you to our community!

Please accept my apologies for the delay, we might be slower with assistance on weekends :slightly_frowning_face:

I see the issue, and I would advise you to install the widget via a Custom code, you can find the instructions here: How to add Elfsight widget to Wix website - Elfsight Help Center

Could you please try to do it and let me know if it worked?


That worked! Thank you!

You’re most welcome! We’re always very happy to help, so never hesitate to ask questions here :smiling_face: