Unable to collect Instagram posts for any "Public Accounts & Hashtags"

Hello, on a new widget I am getting the error “Unable to collect Instagram posts.” for any account or hashtag I try.

Hi Justin,

I’m so sorry about this! I’ve checked your widget, and it seems the posts by hashtag are now successfully collected. I’m afraid there was a technical glitch that caused this issue, we’re so sorry for the inconvenience!

Could you please check your widgets and let me know if they work fine now? If any accounts or hashtags still return the error, please send them here for me to check everything out on my end.

I’m using with instagram widget.
Setting public account & filtered with hashtag.
but feeds are not showing.
can u check with that?


Thank you.

Hi @user469, I’ve moved your question to this thread, cuz it refers to the same issue.

Unfortunately, there was a technical glitch on our end which caused the issue with collecting sources, we’re so sorry about it!

Everything should work fine now, I’ve checked your widget and it is displaying correctly for me. Could you please clear the cache and browser cookies (if needed) and let me know if everything’s alright on your end too?