Instagram Feed: Set public account as source and filter by hashtag doesn't work

Hi there, is this a bug?

Nothing is displayed when i set a widget like this:

  1. Set 1 public account as source
  2. Set 1 filter by hashtag

On day 1, the posts are displayed. On day3 onwards, the post disappears and shows an empty feed.


I’m so sorry about this, and I’ll be happy to help!

I’ve checked your website ( and updated your source manually, now everything should be working fine. Unfortunately, sometimes this kind of issue might occur, but we’re searching for a way to minimize it.

Could you please check your widgets and let me know if you’re good?

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Thanks, that works.

If the use case is

Set 1 hashtag, filter by a few URLs, will it work?

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Thanks for the update!

Unfortunately, filter by URLs doesn’t work at the moment, my apologies :frowning:

Now you can filter out only by hashtags, but we’re searching for the opportunity to add filters by usernames and URLs. We’ll keep you posted about all the updates here on the forum :slight_smile:

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Hi, I am facing the same issue as user325, please help to fix this issue asap

Hi @scootsafe!

I’ve checked your widget and I see that you’ve set a hashtag a source, and it seems the widget works just fine.

You’ve set a limit to display only 9 posts, but if you need more, please remove this value in the filter.

Could you please let me know if it’s still an issue for you?