Instagram feed: sort?

On instagram feed, is it possible to sort the postings that are displayed? This used to be a feature but it’s gone. :frowning:

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You’re right, long ago we did support the Sorting option in our Instagram Feed widget, however, we had to give up on that due to the unstable performance. Unfortuntaely, the root of the problem was in the Instagram’s peculiarities of work :frowning:

Please let me know if there’s anything else I could help you with!

So from source, we filter by hashtag, is there a limit to the number of posts to display? We can only see 4 posts.

Yes, I’m afraid the filter applies to the latest 100 posts in your account, that’s why you might get not all the posts with the needed hashtag.

However, if your hashtag is unique, you could try to set it as a source – in this case there is no limit by a number, and you will get more posts to display.

Thank you, so are we specify, for example, 2 sources, are we able to filter by more than 2 hashtags? And how many posts will we get from here? Assuming there are more than 100 posts.

My apologies for the long wait :pray:t2:

With the way our widget works, if you use 2 hashtags, your posts have to have both of these hashtags – otherwise the filter will not work out.

We don’t recommend using more than 3 hashtags, since it might slow down the widget’s loading speed. However, if you need to use more hashtags, all of them at once have to be used in the posts you’d love to display. And this filter applies only on the last 100 posts – unfortunately, this is the restriction we cannot bypass at the moment :frowning:

Please let me know if there’s anything else I can help you with :slight_smile:

Sorry, I have more questions.

So I set a hashtag to my source, and filter by specific URL (means I pick out some posts to display by URL), will these posts stop displaying once they are no longer the most recent 100 posts, or will they still be displayed since they are already pulled, and I presume, cached by your system?

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Please don’t apologize — here I am to navigate and consult you :slight_smile:

I see that you’d love to set which posts to display in your widget manually. I regret to say it, but I’m afraid this scenario is not supported in the widget as well, since the posts will stop displaying when there are over 100 posts in your account :frowning:

However, the good news is that we’re going to reconsider the cache performance, so that you have more posts to be displayed in your widgets.

I’m really sorry that I didn’t provide the solution you were looking for, but please don’t hesitate to leave your questions if you come up with anything else.

Hi Helga,

Then the following use case will not make sense:


  1. Specify a source via hashtag
  2. At filter section. specify a URL to display

This will eventually lead to an empty feed because the URL will fall out of the 100 posts to display.

Do advise.


Yes, unfortunately, at the moment the widget’s performance is not ideal. We had to adapt to the Instagram constant changes, thus give up on some features. However, we’re still in search for ways to improve the functionality and make the widget cover more use cases.

In the meantime, you can set up to 2 hashtags as a source and filter them by other hashtag or by URLs. At the moment, we have a limit of latest 100 posts that can be filtered, but I do believe we will find a way to expand or, if possible, remove it.

HI there, my point is you filter by URL will result in an empty feed. So why have that feature when I’ll be going through the trouble of listing URLs which will be displayed as empty?

It might make more sense to cache / store the URLs which you are already doing for the source.

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I cannot but agree with you, and this is exactly what our engineers are trying to achieve. Unfortunately, there are some obstacles that slow down the process, but we do believe the right solution will be found :slight_smile: