Post Limit and Refresh Time

I apologize if this is answered somewhere else, but I’m trying to figure out if this is a problem with my widget or just part of how the service works. Is there a limit to how many posts will load for a specific hashtag? Eventually I am no longer given the option to load more even though I know there are more posts.

I’m also curious how often the hashtag feed updates on average? Mine has been the same for the past twelve hours or so.

Thank you!

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Nice question @user10873 :+1:

There is no strict limit for the number of posts with the hashtag source. However, usually the widget pulls about 100 posts.

As for the update period, our widget actually uses a cache system to make everything load faster and reduce the server load. So the posts are updated every 23 hours.

Please let me know if this clarifies things or if any further questions come up. I’ll be happy to advise :wink:

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