Turning on the weekly recurring option causes an event to dissapear till it's set back to non-recurring

I just entered a new event for Jan 5, 2023 and it vanished. I couldn’t figure out why so I deleted it and started over. I entered the date and time and as soon as I switched it to recurring weekly–it vanished again! So I switched it back to non-recurring and there it was–it reappeared!
Looks like a bug to me that needs quick fixing. I need to show it on our calendar as recurring weekly.

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Hi @user130!

I totally understand your frustration, but I have to explain a couple of things.

With the way our calendar works, recurring events are displayed only for оne month (30 days) from the current date (not the date of the event). Today is November 30, accordingly any recurring events will be shown in the period from November 30 till December 30.

Our developers are planning on revising this functionality to make the app more flexible and much more user-friendly. However, we don’t have a timeline yet, I’m sorry.

We have a proper request on our wishlist, please vote for it to get a notification upon its release here - Allow repeated events display beyond a month.

For the moment, the only option is to keep such events as non-recurring.

I’m really sorry about this inconvenience :frowning:

Thanks for the fast response. Since we schedule the use of our building sometimes months in advance, I’d like to recommend that at least the first event of a weekly recurring event be visible in spite of the fact that only one month of recurring events is made visible. This way our residents can see that their event shows on the calendar at least once when it starts over a month in advance.

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Thanks a very good note, @user130, I truly appreciate you sharing!

You know, we see a great potential in our Event Calendar and see that this app is one of the most popular ones in our catalog, but we also realize that it could use some improvement.

The good news is that we’ve already started updating it by implementing new features, and your feedback is very important for us at this stage.

Feel free to have a look at Event Calendar section in our Wishlist and vote for the ideas you loved, we’ll be happy to hear your thoughts or new ideas as well :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for helping us grow!