Transfering widgets to another account [first]

Hi, how do I transfer or copy a created widget in my account to a new account for my customer so that he/she can make changes to “their” widget? I dont want them to login to my Elfsight account :slight_smile:

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Hi @Stefan2 and welcome to Elfsight Community :heart_hands: :tada:

Sure thing, I’ll be happy to help you!

To transfer your widgets to another account, we need:

  • email address of the Elfsight account you’d like to transfer the widget from
  • email address of the Elfsight account you’d like to transfer the widget to
  • Widget name or widget ID that should be transferred

Could you please provide me with this information so that I can process your request?

Hi again,

Account to be transfered from:
Account to be transfered to:
Widget to be transfered: Monterra Partners

Thanks :slight_smile:

Visimedia AB
070-344 05 00


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Hey @Stefan2!

I’ve moved Monterra Partners widget from to

If anything comes up, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Have a nice day!

Thanks for the quick and excellent support!
Works perfectly :slight_smile:


Visimedia AB
070-344 05 00


Good evening, Max!

Can you make this for me as well?

Account to be transfered from:
Account to be transfered to:
Widget to be transfered: Afisha Budapest

Thank you in advance!

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Hi @Luda_Zaidelman, happy to welcome you to the forum! :heart_eyes:

I’ve just transferred the widget, could you please check and let me know if everything’s fine?

Helga, thank you!

Everything is working great!

@Luda_Zaidelman you’re most and always welcome! :heart_eyes:


Can I request a transfer of widgets as well?

Account to be transferred from:
Account to be transferred to:

Widgets to transfer:

  • 429c6995-a6db-43dc-8af2-9c9b45e41ce5
  • b984ea44-2a30-4f65-a8aa-dc708e597966
  • ebc02eab-3762-49f7-945d-2210eca0c87a
  • 254c5448-ac94-4283-ac62-19e791ef8863
  • 1f926951-5294-4930-a208-ba36d139aef5
  • 80f3c95a-9923-49f9-b1cf-c13e70139dcb
  • dd47d6de-e5f2-4c7c-b77d-fbd82e959dc5
  • 852cbe5a-bf32-4bd8-b8dd-7534978b48d8
  • b249768f-3ba5-42e4-ae67-a79484446449
  • eb993710-ef93-496d-aa85-3a579e19648f
  • 06b6a2b5-5d42-434c-8dda-b9f5680a6242
  • 1cb8527d-372e-4c6e-88d5-9b862f1f279c

Thank you :pray:

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Hey there @user4146 :wave:

I’ve successfully moved all mentioned widgets to the requested account :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you very much Max for your swift assistance!

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No problem, you are always welcome :wink:


Could I also request a transfer of widgets?

Account to transfer from:
Account to transfer to:

Widgets to transfer:







Thank you in advance!

Hi @Shane_Gentry :wave:

I have checked our users’ database and found out that the widget you need to move is registered to a different user. Unfortunately, we can’t move it without their express permission.

Would it be an option for you to ask the widget’s owner to message me from the email they’ve registered in Elfsight and let me know that they’re okay with the move?

Also, I’ve checked your account and see that you don’t have any subscriptions at the moment. Our Lite plan gives you an option to have only 1 Event Calendar widget. So, to transfer 6 Event Calendar widgets, you should be subscribed to the Pro plan.

By the way, now, you have a great opportunity to subscribe with a 50% discount using our Black Friday deal:

I can absolutely do that. What is the best email for the user to contact you at? I will also resolve the subscription status by this afternoon.

The user can drop a message right in this thread :slightly_smiling_face:

You can move all requested forms from for Sally Said So

They have a calendar, Google reviews and also contact form

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Hi @Jake_Douglass :wave:

Thank you so much!

@Shane_Gentry I’ve transferred all the requested widgets to

If you’d like to transfer Google Reviews and Contact Form widgets as well, please let me know and I’ll be happy to help :slightly_smiling_face:

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