To allow the user to filter the map locations using multiple categories

At the moment we can assign one category to each location added to the map.
If a location fits multiple categories then it would be nice if the user could filter by all of them.

e.g. A gym that has running machines AND weight benches.

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I would be very useful, if it was possible to select multiple categories for one location in the Google Maps widget.

We use the Google map widget to illustrate which and where our products are sold. As it is right now (at least to my knowledge) you are only able to select one category per location - which in our case means that I only able to illustrate some of our sold products and not all.

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I would like to have a multicategory which means that users can select more than two categories via the selectbox. Easier find locations according to user requirements.

Option for selecting multiple categories per location!!

We use Google Map to illustrate which type of products (categories) that have been sold at which locations, and right now we are only able to list one category at each location.

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@Lars_Norgaard totally agree!

Thanks a lot for sharing - we’ll try to consider it for the future updates :pray:t2: