Several ideas

Hi guys! Great work! It would be nice to have some little improvments) I’ll call locations – items

  • naming the items in the backend – i wish it was a possibility to list them not only by location, its not convinient when there are many of them. Hard to find the right one when editing

  • clustering… I have the situatuation when there can be several items in one and the same location point, so clicking on such cluster I cant se all the cards of items, so zooming in in this case has no sense and what is more, there is no activity in the left panel in this case, I mean when you click for exapmle a pin whith the item – the card of this item in left panel becomes active and highlights with the color in the case of clicking cluster there is no such activity. So it would be great if by clicking the cluster left panel could show only the items in the cluster like filetring or something. I hope you understand what Im talking about)) It would be awesome if it was a choice – filter the list of the left panel when ckliking the standalone item or cluster or just hightlight the items of the list…

  • tags for the search or extended full-text search or something… there is a situation when one and the same item can be searched be different names or specific parameters and characteristics. For example – WoodHouse and Wood house, Wood-house etc – if the title is WoodHouse and there are no occurrences of the word “Wood-house” in the title or in text – search is not working – so it would be nice to add tags for the better search experience. Now I have to add hidden div with such tags in the text editor for such purposes, its not very nice)

-categories – it would be great to have a possibility to add the item more then in one category

-customization – it would be nice to have a possibility to rename the filter section

-return button - when go deep into the clusters, it wold be nice to have a button “back” to come back to the start position of the map

Thank you!)

Folks, our former Wishlist portal, where our users shared their requests and suggestions, was transferred to this forum. You’re most welcome to vote, add new ideas, and leave your comments here — we surely will consider them all! :star_struck:

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Thanks so much for such a detailed and thorough request!

The ideas you provided are really great, and some of them we already have here.

To get notified once they are released, feel free to subscribe to them, as they are likely to be released one by one than all at once :slight_smile:

Option to set names - Option to use name instead of address in backend
Multiple locations on the same address - Allow Multiple Locations at the Same Address
Multiple categories - To allow the user to filter the map locations using multiple categories

Thanks a lot for your contribution!