The Pop-Up, Cookie, and Announcement widget doesn’t work on Google Sites

The cookie pop-up does load in but it doesn’t stay on the bottom and when you scroll down you can’t see it anymore. The cookie pop-up also disappears but at the same time it leaves a huge space in the embed space.
The Pop-Up widget does show up but when you scroll it leaves the screen.
The announcement widget just doesn’t show up.

Hi @GalacticNetwork :wave:

Due to the peculiarities of the Google Sites platform, all popup and floating elements of applications (including Popup, Cookie Consent and Announcement Bar) are not supported.

They are being converted into iframe format, which causes incorrect displaying. I am terribly sorry about it!

Could you please share a link to the page where your widgets are installed? I’ll gladly check if anything can be done :slightly_smiling_face:

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