Google Sites and Popups

I am unable to install a pop-up widget on Google sites. I copied and pasted the HTML code into my Google Sites but it won’t work. Then, I tried to use the Elfsight instructions for installing a popup in iFrame and it still doesn’t work. Is this not possible in Google sites?

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Hello @user1452 and we are happy to see you with us! Welcome to Community :rocket: :heart:

We would be just happy to help you with the installation, however, due to the peculiarities of Google Sites platform, all popup and floating elements of applications (including Popup) are not supported as they are being converted into iframe format, which causes incorrect displaying. I am terribly sorry about it!

We have a lot of static widgets, maybe you would get interested in one of them? You can check them in our Demo here - The Best Free Widgets and Plugins for your Website (2022).

Please let me know if any other assistance is needed, I’ll be happy to help.