Templates performance logic changed for several apps [Rollbacked]

Updated :bangbang:
We have temporarily rollbacked this feature, your widgets should not experience any issues. But if anything goes wrong, please contact our Support Team, they will be very happy to assist.

Hey guys!

More and more features are being added to our apps, and even Templates have undergone some enhancements recently. This update has been implemented for Viber Chat, QR Code, Pricing Table, Restaurant Menu, and PDF Embed apps.

What's been changed

  • Separate tab for Templates.

  • ‘Continue with this template’ button was deprecated. You don’t have to confirm your choice any longer, and all the settings are available right away.

  • You now can change your current template at any time by getting back to Templates tab. But in this case all your settings will get reset, thus you’ll have to customize the widget from scratch.

You will see the alert notification prior to switching to the new Template, so you will not lose your widget settings right there and then.

A short video of the feature in practice

Should any questions or feedback come up, we’ll be very happy to discuss! :slight_smile:


Hello @Helga, hello everyone,

I am quite disappointed with this update, because I will have to redo everything :sob: :sob: :sob:

Why couldn’t your system recover what we did in order not to start from scratch.

I really don’t find that logical.

Thank you in advance for your answer.

Dear @romano97002, we have to admit that the update didn’t go the way it should have :cry:

Our devs are already investigating the matter, highly likely it will be undone.

We’re so very sorry for this unfavourable situation :sweat:

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So you mean to tell me that I just spent 60+ hours last month creating menus in elfsight, editing my entire webpage to use elfsight instead of the previous software I was using, and now everything is wiped and I have to do this all over again? I was literally just telling my partner last week how easy this has been, and how I was thinking of going all in on your widgets to help modernize our site and have some cool tools. Now I’m going to have to bail completely because in the blink of an eye I can lose weeks worth of work and make my website completely useless.


@romano97002 , @Mark7

We have rollbacked this release, so the content in your widgets should be back now.

Could you please let me know if everything’s fine on your end?


Hello @Helga and thank you for your answer,

Yes it’s good for me :ok_hand:

Thank you so much.

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Thank you for the update, Romano! I’m so happy that all your widgets are back to normal!

We’re really sorry for this situation, we’ll try our hardest not to let anything of this kind happen again :pray:t2:

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