Widget to process and pay the order from the table

Is there any widget that is able to redirect to certain URL, when I enter a number of a restaurant table? I need to redirect it to a menu page


Hi @Sergi! Welcome to Elfsight Community :tada:

Sure thing, I’ll be happy to check everything for you.

Could you just describe your use case in more detail?

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Thank you , Max ! I have a problem- we do a landing page for restaurants and now we need to integrate with a new service of a client, its an electronic menu with possiblity to process and pay the order from the table, scanning a QR. They have each table set with a unique QR (or lets say link). I need to find a solution to redirect a user to a correct menu link. To resume - clients scans just 1 QR, and it’s mine. If he hits “menu” button, the widget asks to introduce table number and then redirect tge request with one if the 40 (in this case number if tables) to our counterpart electronic menu with orders page.
So i was wondering if its possible to organise this way

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@Sergi Thank you so much for such a detailed description!

Unfortunately, there is nothing we can offer at the moment. I am so sorry :pensive:

Your use case is very interesting and I moved to our Wishlist. We’ll try to consider such an app in our future updates. We’ll keep you updated here :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you! That would very useful, many restaurants now are switching to digital menu with payment option and they need to be able to detect the table number if they also want to have their landing page with other buttons, like independent electronic tips payment, reviews, etc. Also a solution like placing 30- 40 diferent QRs for this purpose feels a bit clumsy to me.