Say Hello to AI Popup Generator

Get ready to be blown away! Our Popup has been revolutionized with the addition of the AI Popup Generator, setting a new standard in user engagement :scream_cat:

This innovative tool not only designs eye-catching popups, but also generates cool images, enhancing the overall user experience.

How does it work?

That’s just a breeze:

  1. Outline your popup preferences and then click Generate.

  2. Voila! You have a complete popup with original images and relevant content blocks.

You can use any language, it will work perfectly fine!

Key Features

  • Style Preservation:
    The generator retains the styles you’ve created for your blocks, keeping colors, font sizes, and other design elements intact.

  • Smart Image Generation:
    The generator can create images that match your description when responding to your requests.

  • Background Adaptation:
    The widget adjusts block styles automatically to match the light or dark background of your Popup for a visually pleasing result.

Did the AI Generator make creating popups easier and more efficient for you? Share the specific popups our AI has created for you. We’re all ears and can’t wait to hear your feedback :wink: