Reply to not working after changing field label


been using the contact form for a while now, and i have customized the contact form to my needs (e.g. changed the labels to dutch). Whenever i receive an contact form, and want to reply tot the sender it changes to I looked up all the field id’s and i have set the right field ID in the ’ reply-to’. e-mailsettings. In my case it is [wat-is-je-mailadres?]. But as i said, it doesn’t work.

So, i’ve been testing with different id’s and also try to see if it works when i put in the message body. The field is is shown, not the resulting field content.

So; then i tried to see if it works when i make a new contactform, and make everyting default. That works! So it seems that whenever you try to change the label name, the ’ reply-to’. stops working.

Can you help?

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Hello there @Martin_Weterholt1 and welcome to the Community :wave:

Could you please send me a link to the page where the widget is installed (if it’s not installed yet, please specify the widget ID)? I’ll gladly look into this for you :slightly_smiling_face:

will try and find it, hold on!

btw; when i keep the contact form in its original state (so no labels changed) the contact form works flawlessly. So; it must have something to do with the changing of the id’s.

you can see the form on:

Oh, I see, you’re using our WP standalone plugin, which looks and works differently. I have to say that this forum is dedicated to Elfsight cloud apps, thus we can assist with only cloud apps-related questions here.

I advise you to ask your question via our CodeCanyon form, our team will try their best to provide the answers there :raised_hands:t2:

ah, ok. Will try there…

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