Repeated events popup date issue

I’m using the repeat event, however after the 2nd one, it doesn’t change the date in the pop up. Anyone else have this issue? Now I need to redo all the events one by one…


Hi @GT_Women_s_Club and welcome aboard :wave:

I see the issue and I am genuinely sorry :pensive:

Your request is now with our devs, We promise to keep you updated!

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Can not add an end date anymore now.

Original event #1 is fine
#2 has correct date on calendar as well as in pop up (original +1)
#3 has correct date on calendar (original +2), in pop up it’s (original +1)
#4 has correct date on calendar (original +3), in pop up it’s (original +1)

Please fix, the list of events gets incredibly long if all monthly events need to be added separately.



@GT_Women_s_Club I deeply apologize for all the inconvenience!

Could you please elaborate on it a bit and send me a screenshot of the issue?


Due to layout the screenshots don’t help much, but I’ll try.

Input for the first event that I’d like to repeat each month on the 2nd Wednesday. That part works. It just doesn’t update the event date in the pop up screen from the 3rd ‘repeat’
Sept 13 and the pop up shows sept 13

Second event works well: Oct 11 in upper left main screen, Oct 11 in pop up
Third event starts to show error: November 8 in upper left main screen, Oct 11 in pop up
Fourth event: December 13 in upper left main screen, Oct 11 in pop up

So: the date in the pop up doesn’t reflect the same date as the date on the main screen.

Also, you can’t set a date when the repeat events need to end. I think it was there a few days ago, can’t find it now.

I’m a novel in all this stuff, so excuse my possibly incorrect lingo! Thanks!


Thank you!

I have to say that repeat end date option is available only if you choose Custom in the Repeat Event section:

Please check it and let me know if it helped :slightly_smiling_face:

As for the popup date issue, our devs are doing all their best to fix it as soon as possible. Rest assured, you’ll be the first to know about any updates!

O, yes! Thanks for that, I forgot it was the custom option. Thanks!
And thank you for figuring out that repeat event part. Much appreciated :grinning:

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So any updates on this issue? Thanks!

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Hi @GT_Women_s_Club :wave:

I sincerely apologize that it takes us so long to get back to you!

Unfortunately, the issue appeared to be quite complicated. At the moment, we are on the final stage and the fix is going to be released within a couple of days.

I’ll immediately get back to you once I receive any updates.

Thank you for your patience and understanding!

The issue is fixed!

Please check your widget and let me know if it’s fine :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey Max,

It’s working now, thanks so much!


No sweat :wink: