Problem with Google review (Carousel) widget

Hello everyone,

Can someone please shed me some insight ? I have spent over an hour trying to install my Google Widget. The first one (floating badge) worked fine but the second one (carousel) is displayed all messed up.

I’ve tried :

  1. Removing it and reinstalling the widget
  2. Changing the default widget width from 1290 px to full page width
  3. Reducing the number of columns to 3 (1000px) to reduce page width

Actually, I’m completely out of ressources. Help ! Someone please :cry:

Thank you in advance.


First widget : Formulaire de contact de Best Déménagements (works !)
Second Widget : Best Déménagements - Nos formules de déménagement (doesn’t work)

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Hi @Mikael_Chocron, happy to welcome you on our forum! :hugs:

Sorry to hear about this issue, I’ve already asked the devs to look into it, so I guess I’ll get back to you with the solution very soon :slight_smile:

Mikael, we’ve checked things for you and the best way to fix the issue is to reinstall the widget through iframe.

Here is the code:

<iframe src='' width='100%' height='1000' frameborder='0'></iframe>

WIDGET_ID part in the code above has to be replaced with your widget in question ID.

Just replace the current installation code with the code above and let me know if it helps :slight_smile:

Absolutely marvelous ! Work great ! Thank you very much.

If I may ask an extra question. Why does the widget leave such a large blank space underneath ?

Super happy to hear that it worked!

Ah yes, it must be the height that sometimes needs to be adjusted for a particular page:

You’re very welcome to reduce it to the value that best fits your needs :slight_smile:

Thank you very much for such a quick response.
Have a great day !

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My pleasure!

You’re always welcome to ask questions here — we’ve made this forum for you to get a faster but also decent help :wink: