Please need web dark mood for website

  • **Issue description:**Please need web dark mood for website

  • Link to the page with the widget in question:

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Hi Status, and welcome to the forum. Staff will be helping you on Monday, but I’m sure they’ll ask you to expand on your Issue Description a little more. I know I’d like to know what a dark mood is. I may be feeling it and don’t even know it. :slight_smile:

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@Status_Lovers welcome to the community and thank you for your request!

@Trainerw Mike, many thanks for stepping in, and you’re absolutely right assuming that we’d ask for more details! :slight_smile:

I however have one idea that might the case here. @Status_Lovers do you mean that you’d want a widget to let you switch your website to dark mode? If so, you’re welcome to vote for this feature request in our Wishlist: Light-Dark mode widget :slight_smile: