Dark and Light mode in all widgets

My website was looking so cool when I found this website then as I looked around, there wasn’t a light and dark mode

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pls help me

Hi @user2985, welcome to the Elfsight Community! :tada:

Do you mean you’d love for our widgets to support dark and light mode?

yes, this is what i mean

Got it, thank you!

I guess it would be a nice thing to add dark and light mode to our widgets, we’ll try to think about it in our future updates :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for your help!

You too, thank you for considering

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when will i get it?

@user2985 I’m afraid I cannot set an ETA at the moment, I’m very sorry :frowning:

Although this option would be a very nice addition to our widgets, I’m afraid it’s not our top priority at the time being :frowning:

But if anything changes or if I get any news regarding the progress, I’ll make sure to update you here right away :slight_smile: