Photo gallery loads extremely slow

Hello, we’ve installed the Elfsight gallery widget on our website but it is extremely slow. We already tried to remove the “defer” attribute and also the “async” attribute, but it does not make any difference.

Can you advise what we can do to make the gallery load (much) faster? Many thanks in advance!

Link to the page with the widget in question:(beadboard Referenzen |

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Happy to see you’ve decided to align with us! Welcome @Simone_Weilke :wave:

Unfortunately, our widgets don’t automatically optimize the images you add to them, please accept my apologies for that!

It seems that this is the reason why the widget takes this much time to load on your website. I’ve checked your website and I see that at the moment, the size of some of them exceed 1MB:

To make it work smoothly, please optimize the pictures using any third-party tool and re-upload them to the widget, this should help. Here are links to some services that we can recommend:

In case you compress the images and the result still doesn’t meet your expectations, please check this article - How to make a widget load faster, there’s a chance that one of the ways described there can help you :slightly_smiling_face: