Photo Gallery Limit

I have been paying the basic $15/mo all-apps package. I use a variety of apps, but it told me I had to upgrade to the next level because I hit my limit of more than 3 Vimeo gallery widgets. So, I upgraded to the next $30/mo level.

Separately, I had 17 Photo Gallery Widgets that I used for various websites. I am designing a new website that I am using the photo gallery on a number of pages. Once I hit 20 Photo Gallery Widgets, it said that I had to upgrade again. So, I upgraded to the $60/month level. HOWEVER, it still says that I am at my limit and I must upgrade again all the way to the $90/month level.

Is there a way that I can upgrade to have a larger number of photo gallery widgets without having to upgrade my ALL WIDGET plan? It looked like I could have purchased the Enterprise Level for the photo gallery widget only, which gives you 50 widgets and 300,000 views for $24.95/month, and I could have stayed at the $30/mo level for everything else. This would only cost $54.95/mo, but would I have to do it as separate accounts?

Any other ideas?

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Hi there @user358 :wave:

I see that my colleague Apollonia has already replied to your support request and fixed the issue with the limit.

If any further questions come up, please reach out to Apollonia. She’ll be happy to help :slightly_smiling_face: